Freedom Theatre West, launched January 2012, is the first theatre company in Southern California to focus on the Middle East and North Africa. The company was named in honor of  the late Juliano Mer-Khamis and the original Freedom Theater he cofounded in Jenin, Palestine in 2006.

Freedom Theatre West devotes its productions and outreach to bringing people together to help change the way Americans see the Middle East.

The company will become a resident member company and seeks to present plays and represent artists from Israel to Iran—something that is not only not done anywhere else, but is considered impossible by most people.


Your friendship, endorsement and support make possible the world premiere of a remarkable new play, Sarah's War. The play directly taps into the artistic artery of theatre and the Israeli-Palestinian subject.

  • Sarah's War by Valerie Dillman is a fictional look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, suggested by the real-life experiences of the late American activist Rachel Corrie (press release).
  • Sarah's War is the inaugural production of Freedom Theatre West, Feb. 11-March 18, 2012. The play was extended by four weeks, from March 23 to April 15, 2012.