"Sarah's War" Capsule Review by Elana Golden

Sarah’s War is a beautiful piece of playwriting, very well directed, with performances that touch the heart and evoke tears, laughter and many questions to contemplate.

The inspiration for the play is the real life story of the killing of Rachel Corrie by an Israeli soldier in a bulldozer demolishing the house in Gaza she was trying to protect. In the hands of playwright Valerie Dillman, the factual story becomes a universal story that explores the nature of political activism as an act of love, and how a family will try to understand such motives as a way of healing, and as a way of continuing their activist daughter’s work so her death has not been in vein.

While rising above the polemic and exposing different points of view, the play shows us what it means to live in occupied Gaza. It also reminds us that the Palestinians are not forgotten as long as individuals and organizations care and go to occupied—now besieged—Gaza, to be with the people, to witness, to support and to love, and to tell the story for the sake of a brighter future in that region and the world.

Elana Golden, 2/19/2012